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Mobile-Commerce is making a Big Splash on the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

  Businesses today are thriving on setting a goal maximizing Self-serve technologies. These technologies are becoming more prevalent forms of communication. These forms of communication are can be B2C or B2B.  This is especially true with the advent of the … Continue reading

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Forming Online Relationships

Making working/professional relationships can be difficult for some businesses and others it comes a little bit easier. Nowadays, companies not only need to make the connection in person, but also via the Internet through their social media outlets.   Social … Continue reading

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Tacos can be Messy and so can Social Media

The Incident   These employees really took the company’s old slogan, “Think Outside the Bun,” to a whole new level! Recently, two Taco Bell employees thought it was humorous to post a photo of one of them licking a stack … Continue reading

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Twitter Socialite: How Do Your Followers Perceive You?

A majority of companies today have jumped on the social media wagon and created a Twitter account. The next matter of discussion is how well are these companies using their Twitter account? Well, I’ve broken down Twitter accounts into three … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Live With Live Streaming Video Platforms

Have you ever had an in-store event and wish your customers in another location could have participated too? Now such an event is possible with streaming platforms that let your event go live with a webcam and a internet connection. … Continue reading

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The Infographic: Your new How-To Friend

  These colorful and extremely helpful graphics have burst onto the digital scene explaining and discussing everything from aquatic botany to Twitter to online dating. But exactly what are infographics and why should you use one?   Well, they’re basically … Continue reading

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